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Early Intervention Program (EI)

Early Interventions (EI) for Charles County are offered at the F.B. Gwynn Educational Center. EI services address the needs of children, birth through 5 years, who have or may have disabilities or developmental delays that impact their learning. A child’s placement in EI is determined during an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting when a child turns 3 years of age. Children may be placed in speech-only services or they may attend pre-school classes at the Gwynn Center or other school with preschool in the county. At the Gwynn Center, students have significant behavioral or developmental needs and are placed in classes based on their age.

We have three different class sessions. Our morning class for students in their 2 Year Old School Year (turned 3 AFTER Sept. 1 of this year) attend from 9:15-11:45 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Our Morning class for students in their 3 Year Old School Year (turned 3 BEFORE Sept. 1 of this year) attend from 9:15-11:45 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

The afternoon session for students in their 4 Year Old School Year (turned 4 BEFORE Sept. 1 of this year) attend from 1:15-3:45 Monday through Friday. 

The EI program at the Gwynn Center collaborates with a variety of other professionals, such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. If you have any questions about services your child does or does not receive, please contact your child’s teacher.