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STAY Program

The STAY Program offers positive behavioral and academic support for special education students who have not responded to traditional behavioral interventions and require more intensive behavioral supports. Classes in the STAY program are highly structured self-contained environments in order to allow students to access their academic curriculum. The academic instruction is provided to ensure that students are meeting the requirements of the Charles County Public Schools Curriculum. Students in the STAY program work with a multi-disciplinary team of teachers and other professionals in small group settings which provides academic, behavioral, and psychological services to help students attain skills for self-regulatory, social, and academic skills. Some students may also have speech or occupational therapy services, as written in their IEP. Students are referred to the STAY program through the ICIEP process, and their progress is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. Once the data indicates that a student is ready to transition back to his/her school, transition meetings and plans are put into place and the student returns to his/her school or is placed in an appropriate program.